ProLink Stops Ransomware Attack on Corona, CA Law Firm

ProLink recently helped remediate a ransomware attack on a Corona, California law firm. This case study highlights our expertise in cybersecurity and the steps we took to ensure the law firm’s data was secure and their operations could resume quickly.

“We were dead in the water.  Even worse, we had client and case files that we were worried had been compromised. Without ProLink jumping to action, our business and our reputation might not have survived.”

The Challenge

The law firm had become the victim of a ransomware attack that had encrypted all of their files, leaving them unable to access critical data and causing significant disruptions to their business. The firm’s IT team attempted to resolve the issue but was unsuccessful in decrypting the files or removing the ransomware.

The Solution

Upon receiving the call from the law firm, our team quickly responded and deployed our cybersecurity experts to assess the situation. We performed a thorough investigation and discovered that the ransomware attack had originated from a malicious email attachment that an employee had inadvertently opened.

Our team immediately took action to isolate the affected systems and prevent further spread of the ransomware. We then implemented a multi-step remediation plan that involved restoring encrypted data from backup, ensuring that all systems were free of malware, and patching vulnerabilities in the law firm’s systems to prevent future attacks.

We worked closely with the law firm’s IT team to restore their systems to full functionality, providing training to staff on best practices for identifying and avoiding potential security threats.

The Results

Thanks to our prompt response and diligent efforts, the law firm was able to recover all of their critical data and resume normal operations within a matter of days. Our team also provided them with ongoing support, including monitoring their systems to ensure there were no further security breaches.

The law firm expressed their gratitude for our fast and effective response to the crisis. They also commended our team’s professionalism and expertise, which allowed them to navigate the situation with confidence and peace of mind.


At ProLink Systems, we take cybersecurity very seriously and understand the devastating impact that a ransomware attack can have on a business. This case study demonstrates our commitment to providing our clients with the best cybersecurity solutions and support, and our ability to act quickly and decisively in the face of a crisis. We believe that every business should be protected against ransomware attacks and other cybersecurity threats, and we stand ready to help ensure their security and resilience.

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